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World-Class Tech Stack
  • Technology - Website, CRM, Transactions, Finances, Intranet. All Connected.
  • Marketing - Generate leads, CMAs, presentations, & marketing materials.
  • Leads - Multiple options for consumer & recruiting lead generation.
  • Seamless Onboarding - An agent can join JPAR® in minutes, not days.

Simplify with JPAR. Let our technology do the work for you.

We Care. We Mentor. We Empower. 

World Class Tech Stack


Deliver the Flexibility That Agents Want

  • Agents are the stars of JPAR.
  • Flexibility in agent and brokerage branding with discounts available on marketing materials.

Level up your branding. At JPAR, our agents and clients come first.

We Care. We Mentor. We Empower. 

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Continuous Innovation

    In addition to our multi-award-winning business model, JPAR prides itself on persistent innovation, which keeps our agents and clients ahead of the curve. Simply put, we love staying at the forefront of the real estate hemisphere via technological and product advancements.

      Revolutionary Seller Option Platform - Sure Sale

      Modern, Customizable, In-House Mobile App

      Industry-Recognized One Stop HUB Technology

    Sure Sale One Stop Hub kvCORE Connect

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