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JPAR Iron Horse's Broker, Erica Starkey, was a terrific guest speaker in my JPAR Owner's Recruiting Coaching Series last week.

I've interviewed a lot of leaders over the years, and Erica came across as more professional, knowledgeable, and engaging than most. I think many of the owners learned something from hearing her perspective. She has a wealth of knowledge.

Ben Hess, Managing Director, CoRecruit

I love JPAR!

I came from a national brand. I’m blown away by how supportive they are and how advanced JPAR is with its tools and resources. They are amazing. The technology. The tools. They have Buffini. They provide Altos Research live market data at no cost. I love it! I used to pay for my own subscription. This saves me money. And I’m only scratching the surface on using kvCORE CRM to give me more leads. It made me realize what I was lacking at my previous company. Best of all, we have a wonderful spirit of cooperation and team camaraderie in our office!

Eliane Selwan - Agent

There are many different reasons you could join a real estate brokerage, but the most important reason for me is because I believe in it.

I am so proud to be part of the JPAR Iron Horse Real Estate family. It makes sense for me to join JPAR, as it is one of the largest and fastest growing real estate franchises in the country.

Jennifer Pringle - Agent

What more can I say about JPAR other than I love it!

Having been with my previous broker for 11 years (a big national broker) I didn’t realize how much we were missing out on. The technology, support from the national franchise, and available weekly trainings made such a difference in just a small time that I have joined JPAR. Not to mention the built-in lead generation that connects directly to kvCore for easy lead follow up and keeping you in front of leads. I’m proud to be a part of the JPAR Nation!

Ramon Concepcion - Agent

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